Simple Ways to Create a Cosy Winter Home

We all seek cosiness in winter – the good news is that creating a warm, comfortable environment needn’t be complicated. Read on for some simple ideas of how to achieve it.

Simple Ways to Create a Cosy Winter Home

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Use Fabric to Add Softness and Warmth

Upholstered furniture is much cosier than plain wooden pieces. In a bedroom, an upholstered headboard is much softer and warmer than a wooden one. A large upholstered stool in the centre of the living room gives a much warmer effect than a coffee table with a hard surface.

Cushions added to a sofa will instantly soften it and make the room look cosier, as will a throw in a cuddly fabric such as soft wool or faux fur. Textured fabrics in curtains or sofa covers always add warmth.

Adding layers to window dressings also really helps. Using a blind as well as curtains makes the window look much less cold. Alternatively, a gauze or voile pane hanging at the window will add softness and screen out those leaden winter skies.

Have a Wood-Burning Stove Installed

There is nothing as cheerful to look at or as warming as a wood-burning stove. Installing one means that you can switch off the TV and listen to the crackle of your logs burning. Many people are still not aware that they are actually allowed to have a wood-burner in a smoke-controlled area and to burn wood in it, provided it is of the type approved by Defra. These stoves are usually multi-fuel, which means that they can burn both smokeless coal and wood legally.

This is great news for people living in large towns and cities in the UK, because these are nearly all smokeless zones. Defra approved wood burning stoves from are allowed because they can burn wood very efficiently without belching out lots of smoke.

Display Photos and Put Up Pictures

Taking zillions of smartphone photos is all very well, but it’s much nicer to choose some really meaningful images, put them in a frame and display them. And acres of blank emulsioned wall are not very cosy, no matter what colour they are. So break the space up with some artwork that features warm colours and natural forms.

These simple steps will give you a really warm and cosy room that everyone will want to snuggle up in.

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