An investment of Ford for the future: 200 million in an ultra-sophisticated wind tunnel

When a general brand is involved in the process of designing a cucumbers serious as the Ford GT and wants to do well, no matter how much is spent. The American supercar is thought to run on circuits like Le Mans or Spa-Francorchamps and its performance has to be the best possible before stepping on the pavement of those tracks.

Although sometimes even the skills of the cars outweigh those of the facilities, that is why Ford has not cut a hair and is going to spend a whopping 200 million dollars (about 189 million euros) in a complex development center And technology that includes a sophisticated wind tunnel to test aerodynamics.

An investment of Ford for the future 200 million in an ultra-sophisticated wind tunnelA tunnel of the future for cars of the future

The reality is that vehicles are not inert objects deposited on a motionless surface, but are made to roll. To achieve maximum realism in the simulations of its wind tunnel, Ford wants to implement a complex system of tapes that act as a floor on which the car “moves” while projecting air at high speed.

These new facilities will be built on 53,000 square meters of land in Allen Park, Mich., And works will begin this spring to theoretically end in the fall of 2019.

Jacqueline Shuk (chief engineer for vehicle evaluation and verification) states that “with conditions much more similar to those of the real world we will be able to thoroughly analyze the behavior of the air before putting the cars in circulation. Just as technology advances in our vehicles We have to improve our simulations in the design and development phases.”

Along with the electric mobility come a number of technologies applied in the optimization of resources to increase autonomy. Far from focusing solely on the development of super sports cars, this tunnel will help to develop aerodynamics more effective and intelligent with which to minimize the consumption of their cars.

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