How is the crystal intelligent control for car

The reduction of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, improved safety and increased comfort are some of the many advantages of the new “Crystal Smart Control” presented exclusively by Continental in the Electronics Fair Consumption (CES) in Las Vegas.

A safer and more comfortable when you travel road driving is possible through the darkening selective and gradual of the side and rear windows of our car. The “Crystal Smart Control” uses a series of special sheets incorporated in the glass surface, with the ability to modify its transparency through electronic control signals. At the precise moment when the sun is low on the horizon, the driver lowers instinctively sun visor, which will lead to a reduction in the level of visibility and a brief fraction of time when we will stop to take control of the vehicle, which could have dire consequences.

How is the crystal intelligent control for carThe use of this type of blades decreases the input solar radiation more efficiently than other technologies, which means that we can keep the heat out of the vehicle and reduce the indoor temperature. All this makes it possible not only to reduce the operation of the air conditioning system , but without the sun visors and curtains of the windows with positive effects on the environment. Continental, international supplier of tires, estimate that this reduction is in about four grams per kilometer by these measures. Similarly, in the case of electric vehicles it represents an increase of autonomy 5, 5%. Alongside all this we cannot overlook the fact that this technology will also give us more privacy, as when the vehicle is parked, its windows begin to darken automatically, leaving hidden the inner area.

Such as revolutionary systems are controlled electronically. Everything lies in the software and intelligent connection to the own vehicle system. Depending on the varying lighting conditions, the appearance of these glazed surfaces will be optimized from a reaction. Continental skilled engineers have shown that smart start rolling up from a “suspended particle device” is also possible in the side windows, rear window and windshield . Fulfilling stipulated by the legislation of the time, this technology is only used in the area of the corresponding windshield sun visor. Against these sheets to which we refer, other options are equally interesting as, for example, those based on liquid crystal polymers. The latter technology works from the ability of molecules and crystals to modify its optical properties under the influence of a given electric field. One of its most prominent drawbacks is found in the high-energy requirement that is essential for a shorter switching time.

What do you think about it the “Crystal Smart Control” to achieve darkening of the windows in the vehicle?

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