How to defrost a van windscreen

When it’s frosty outside and you’re in a rush to get to work, there’s a temptation to pour a kettle of hot water over your windscreen – but you risk shattering it if you do. Equally dangerous though is a half-hearted scraping job because you don’t want to be late. Try these tips for a swift and effective van windscreen defrost next time the temperatures plummet.
1. Check it’s actually frozen

Sometimes the windscreen looks frozen but it’s actually condensation. Use a wiper to check.

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2. Turn the wipers off

If wipers are turned on, they can become damaged as they try to pass ice and snow.

3. Start the engine and turn on the air-con

Angle the heating vent to the windscreen and turn on your heated mirrors and rear window heater, as well as the air-con. As the engine warms and the air dries, you can boost the temperature.

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  1. Get to work on the windscreen

    Use a brush to sweep any snow from your roof and windscreen and then use a de-icer to clean the windscreen quickly. Use a plastic ice scraper on any tough areas. Don’t have any de-icer? Fill a ziplock bag with hot water – not too hot – and pass it over the ice.

    5. Be prepared

    You might also want to invest in a window covering so that you can manually keep ice and snow off if the weather is bad overnight.

    Give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning so you don’t end up rushing, and you’ll find these steps work well.

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