McLaren 720S Velocity is the Beauty and the Beast, all in one

If the McLaren 720S made the envoys to Geneva hallucinate with the 720 hp sport that serves as a relay to the McLaren 650S, the MSO boys kept an ace up their sleeves: McLaren 720S Velocity is the name of the still most incredible beast. Not for benefits, but for external beauty.

And McLaren Special Operations has put the accent on the exterior and interior design of the McLaren 720S Velocity, to make this unique version a showcase with which to sell the special operations division of Woking.

McLaren 720S Velocity is the Beauty and the Beast, all in oneThe first thing that strikes you is the tonal game used for the body, which enhances the lines of the sport almost in a way superior to that which achieves the orange tone of the normal version and gives it a greater aura of distinction.

In the McLaren 720S Velocity we find a combination of two pearly shades of red: Nerello Red in the front and in the whole upper area, and Volcano Red on the sides and the rear. These are joined by the carbon fiber on the roof, the rearview mirror housings, the front skirt and the rear diffuser.

The rims have resorted to a spectacular design in the form of a five-spoke star, made in bronze. It is a finish that evokes the luxurious and truly unique character of this exclusive version.

In fact, Velocity is the first of five special editions that MSO will draw on the McLaren 720S. Each will have a surcharge of 115,000 dollars over the normal version.

Inside, the McLaren 720S Velocity brings a touch to Alcantara Carbon Black with all kinds of red elements, which are already distributed throughout the cabin, from the coverings of the doors to the dashboard, steering wheel and seats Sports

In the heart of the supercar nothing changes. It maintains the V8 biturbo 4.0 of 720 CV placed in center rear position and also its transmission of double clutch and seven relations of change, that allow the McLaren 720S to reach the 0 to 100 in only 2.9 seconds, before reaching the 341 km / h of top speed. With the McLaren 720S Velocity we already have the complete story: the Beauty that is a true Beast.

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