“Out of the ordinary” is short for the Mercedes-Benz AMG GLS 63 from Mansory with 841 hp and 294 km / h

Outstanding for some, restrained for others. Mansory’s hand has no middle ground, or you like it or you hate it, so true to their style they have gotten their hands on the Mercedes-Benz AMG GLS 63 to create a new beast dressed in the official uniform of the preparer: an exaggeratedly black suit And very aggressive.

There are enthusiasts of the German brand who do not have enough with the products that the sports division of Mercedes-Benz offers, so they have no choice but to resort to external coaches such as Mansory to meet their needs. Needs satisfied based on carbon fiber sight, a new paint job and huge rims attached to a car that already series costs 155,950 dollars.

Everything to black with Mansory touch

The exterior modifications are obvious, with a front bumper with prominent and massive air intakes, splitter , integrated daytime running lights and the logo of the house on the grill. Also new are the side heels, the rear roof spoiler and a diffuser integrated into the huge rear bumper.

As a cap, the hood has been changed to a new design with air intakes and the wheel arches have been widened to accommodate exaggerated 23-inch wheels with tires ridiculous profile for a car of its characteristics. All this is trimmed with a lowered air suspension.

Under its bonnet the engine of eight cylinders in uve, double turbo and 5.5 liters ascends to a power that darkens the 585 hp of series, reaching a brutal 841 hp and, you catch that you are going to fall of ass, 1,150 Nm of torque . With these figures the German mass of 2,580 kg is capable of firing up to 100 km / h from standing in only 4.9 seconds and a tip of 294 km / h perfect to cross the Autobahn.

With that available strength and sports performance, you do not want to know the consumption but it must be absolutely unreal. Although I do not think the future owners of this preparation cares too much that instead of in liters to 100 km, their thirst is measured in liters at 10 km or less.

In the interior, infinite options according to the tastes of each client. What does not seem to have changed are the brakes. Who knows, have considered that the series are enough to stop this pseudo-tank at 300 km / h.

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