Reload Electric Cars Remote

The electric cars are not an invention of now. By contrast, in the nineteenth century attempts they were carried out in this direction, such as those by the Scottish inventor Robert Anderson. Between 1865 and 1881, improvements were made in the electric battery by the French Gaston Planté and Camille Faure.

Also between those years, in the World Exhibition of 1867 in Paris, Franz Kravlog presented / displayed an electric driven bike. And none other than Thomas Edison was photographed next to an electric car while still others, the combustion were a luxury item intended for the rich.

Reload Electric Cars RemoteAttempts did not stop there. However, the road to the electric car has not exactly been easy. Especially because of the batteries, electric cars and ecological have seen their hampered development. The batteries needed to power the motor of an electric car are the kind NiMH (nickel metal-hydride). Undoubtedly, they are expensive and difficult to manufacture batteries; however, is not the reason why today we do not see in the cities more electric cars than combustion. The patent for NiMH batteries is owned by Chevron, a company that is obviously not interested in the universalization of electric cars.

In any case, many professionals have not been idle and have to work to make accessible finally fully electric cars and smoke – free. Such is the case of Audi, which, hand in your system Audi Wireless Charging , promises a more improvement in the world of electric cars, but no improvement either.

By Audi Wireless Charging, which uses the known induction cooktops as early in the process, the driver can recharge your electric car with no power and distance. The base will be two coils, one installed in the car and another in a parking space or similar, so that when the user drives to where the primary coil is located, the automatic recharging mechanism will be activated. And you’ll just wait quietly before you can move on.

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