Subaru XV, the new road titan

Knows no fear, nothing is impossible nor obstacle can stop its relentless advance, the crossover Subaru XV is the new titan of the road that comes stomping and dazzling everyone who is passing as a brilliant comet strumming part of the sky.

No matter how large it is the distances that separate us from our fate or the many potholes that we find on our way, the new Subaru XV deposited in our hands full potential we need to take our movements, with all the comfort and practicality necessary.

Subaru XV, the new road titanRoads, inhospitable, outstanding trails, coastal or desert, there is no ground capable of preventing the advance of new Subaru XV a modern crossover equipped with original 17 -inch wheels and unique design, equipped in turn finished in black and silver that comes to symbolize the duality between casual and elegant on the one hand, and the daring and wild, on the other.

Other add – ons that punctuate his powerful body is a unique fog lights multicolored, useful daylight running lights and emitting a beam of light with high amplitude and lights xenon self – adjusting with headlight washers built, automatic sunroof, automatic mirrors, and an athletic wheel arch that leave you with the mouth open to all motorsports fans.However, the best experience comes when we ventured inside and we ran into a whole world of possibilities in our hands as a telescoping steering wheel with adjustable tilts peed control to maintain a constant rate of cruise if deemed appropriate, seat automatically adjustable driver with 8 positions, navigation system with fast and accurate guide, dual climate control, center console to make your travels more comfortable if possible, and a removable cover porterage.

This modern crossover roars with all its fury and offers us the assurance that we and our companions when we need to start our journey. Undoubtedly, it is a real treat for the senses, would not you think?

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