What Sort of Dump Truck is Best for Your Building Project?

When it comes to a building project there is a lot to sort out and organise – and you don’t want to get it wrong in case it holds up other parts of the construction project. One of the things that you will probably have to do is hire some equipment to help with your build from somewhere such as this plant hire Leicester based company https://harboroughhire.uk/

One of the most popular items of machinery that are often hired for building projects are dump trucks – but did you know there are many different types, so you want to select the one that is most suitable for the job – here are some of the types of dump truck that you might use…

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Articulated Dump Trucks – These are great for use on the site of the build as they are perfect for use on more difficult and uneven terrain. They are not as easy to use as a rigid though and require more skill to operate.

Rigid Dump Trucks – These are fantastic for being able to carry large amounts of materials and best for going back and forth between building sites or taking materials for disposal. They are not as good for use on site however as they do not manoeuvre as well in more confined spaces.

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Mini Dump Trucks – These are the best option if you are just using the truck for a small project, such as landscaping a garden or building a small home extension. They are the easiest to use and fairly versatile.

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