Workplaces where potentially hazardous materials are used and what is considered a harmful substance.

You might well be surprised to find out all the different workplaces where potentially hazardous materials are used.  Apart from the obvious factories and workshops where you might expect danger to be found there are many others, such as, garages, paint stores, hairdressers, and actually anywhere people work there could be a potential danger!  A hazardous material can be inhaled, ingested, injected and absorbed through the skin and eyes. Some of the more common types of hazardous substances can be, acids, disinfectants, pesticides, glues, paint, caustic substances and heavy metals, including, aluminium, lead and mercury.

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There are lots of rules and safety protocols to adhere to when working with any type of potentially hazardous materials. These are all under the COSHH regulations, Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health and MUST be followed rigorously. Always have a good supply of specialist Chemical Spill Kits to use if an accident should occur, these can be obtained from professional companies such as  Make sure all staff are trained in the use of any dangerous chemicals and have a clear Health and Safety policy in place just in case there is an accident.

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The COSHH regulations are in place to prevent or limit potentially dangerous accidents and incidents occurring, where a person could be exposed to any harmful chemicals or substances.  The different types of hazards are mainly, Biological, Chemical, Physical, Safety, Ergonomic and Psychosocial.

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