10 tips to get your dream hair

Let’s be clear; our hair is one of the most important assets we have to beautify our figure and a key factor that directly affects our self-esteem.

Sporting a healthy, beautiful and shiny hair boosts morale us a great hair cut pushes us to eat the world and striking color change helps capture the attention of the boy who long ago we laugh.

tips to get your dream hair

However, many of the treatments and techniques we use daily threatening the health of our hair lose shine, strength, and density over time to have the feeling that we’re running out of hair. This is where the world is upon us: a bad mood in the morning, afraid to go outside, embarrassed or upset at work … And if today you will begin to take care of your hair as it should? Eh here 10 tips to get your dream hair:

  • Choose the image consultant who takes the time to diagnose your hair in depth. Today, all the hairdressers “are” image advisors but few stylists devote enough time to diagnose, analyze and discuss your hair. Do you really know what kind of hair you have?
  • Watch your diet. We are what we eat and also nourish our hair there. Avoid eating fatty foods, prefabricated or no vitamin content. Try to eat healthily; fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs and natural foods.
  • Washing your hair every day is counterproductive. As if it were a plant, if you water too, it rots. Avoid washing your hair every day to protect the natural hair oils and hair look healthier.
  • Do not overdo products. No more shampoo for getting you going to improve your hair. With a tablespoon of product, you have enough. Too much shampoo or conditioner swells the follicle and reduces glare hair excess grease can scalp while the hair is dry. In addition, this will allow at the same time save some money.
  • Be sure to thoroughly rinse your hair. Do not rinse hair well makes residues remain. These no visible residues change the appearance of your hair making it look more opaque and changing its texture and density. Remember; seeks to clarify well the hair to breathe and get straighter and it is brilliant.
  • Avoid make pigtails. Using too tight pigtails weakens the hair and makes it fixed. Give your hair a break and let your hair. The ponytail is a technique that gives you comfort but one of the reasons for the premature falls of hair frequently.
  • By planning your makeover.Dyes relaxes, dryer, chemicals, and other techniques deteriorate your hair but do not perceive. Changes your program look good during the year to avoid damaging your hair too.
  • Beware environmental factors. Sudden changes in temperature, excess heat, moisture, ultraviolet rays and salt water from the beach and others are the most important factors when it comes to caring for your hair. Protect your hair from environmental contrasts and begin to notice your hair fattening and regains its original appearance.
  • Your vices and bad habits end up with your hair. Stress weakens your hair or smoke affecting their growth, strength, and density. Nicotine interacts with the protein of your hair and slows its natural growth. Stress blocks the production of natural chemicals that allow nourishing your hair as normal. If you live to limit your hair will receive the consequences.
  • Patience and Passion. Do not expect miraculous results. Ponte short- and medium-term and periodically reviews the changes. Do not obsess over your hair but give it time. If you follow these 10 steps and add the ingredient of passion for your hair will get the expected results sooner than expected.

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