How to treat varicose veins

Would you like to remove varicose veins present in your legs? In the next lines we suggest some treatments that may be interest to treat also known as peripheral vascular disease.

When the valves located within the veins do not fulfill their mission reflux, the blood begins to accumulate, increasing the pressure, and lengthening dilating veins. The latter will start to twist, forming knots and reaching alerting its wall, which can lead to the fact that discharge of liquid outside the vein tissue altering entire area.

Obesity, foot position, pregnancy, lack of exercise, age or constipation are some of the many risk factors that can lead to the condition of varicose veins in the legs, one of the most common areas. However, we can also find their presence in the esophagus, the anal region or testicles.

How to treat varicose veinsThe pain in the paths of the affected areas, swelling or edema of the feet and ankles, discoloration of the skin, ulcers, warmth or itching, tingling and cramps are part of the symptoms of varicose veins .

Treatments for varicose veins

Although its effects on our health are not serious, yes they are unsightly and can cause discomfort. In these cases, we can find many different medications that will help us increase the tone of the vein wall or improve the absorption of exudate, while others focus more on treating symptoms or potential complications that may arise in this regard.

Used as a complement to treatments, medications can be very different type. For example, to increase venous tone we Ginkgo Biloba extract, horse chestnut extract or aescin or even topical anticoagulants such as analgesics for pain relief or antibiotics to treat any infection.

We also have a number of physical and hygienic measures that can help you as the implementation of exercises that promote venous return through the development of leg muscles, or controlling overweight, without forgetting proper hydration skin on our legs.

Other more traditional methods to end their presence are the stipping, which consists of removing the affected veins secularization between two ligatures made at its ends and extirpation traction. Meanwhile, microsurgery removes only the links concerned through minimal incisions.

In aesthetic medicine we can find methods such as sclerotherapy, which aims to cause irritation of the inner walls of the vein, so that in this way the latter is closed by itself, in the form of a healed without blood inside cord, so it will hardly be visible.

It is also possible to use laser or photosclerosis, capable of projecting a beam of light of a single color, so that the cells having the same color will absorb light energy, will heat up and eventually be diluted without affecting tissues around.

In laser treatments, the red blood cells are ending warming. There are also more modern treatments such as Advanced System microfoam that will be useful to eliminate varicose veins of medium and large caliber that required inpatient surgery.

What treatments for varicose veins you know?

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