Liposuction Methods Explained

A sutured Abdominoplasty

Over the years, liposuction methods have been adapted and improved. Today, several good options are available to patients. Before deciding on a type of liposuction, a surgeon will talk patients through their options and make a recommendation regarding what type of treatment they feel will be most suitable. Before and after photos of previous patients who have been through different procedures are also a good way to gauge which option works for you. You are always entitled to ask a clinic or doctor for images of past results.

A sutured Abdominoplasty

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London vaser liposuction clinics have become increasing popular because many methods of lipo no longer require hospitalisation or a lengthy recovery time. Sculpting, shaping and fat removal are now easier and more efficient than ever.

Liposuction Basics

For many patients, lipo is the answer to trimming stubborn excess fat that healthy diet and exercise isn’t easily able to remove. Considered the ideal cosmetic complement to a healthy lifestyle, lipo is incredibly popular because it offers quick results that are immediately obvious.

Although various liposuction techniques are available, they all work on the same basic principle. A small incision is made near the targeted area and fat cells are loosened in order to facilitate their removal. Once loose, these fat cells are removed using a cannula, or a hollow surgical suction wand. The differences between one lipo method and another is how the fat cells are loosened, and this can influence a number of factors including success rate and healing time.

Types of Lipo

Ultra-Sound Assisted Liposuction such as vaser liposuction through Wimpole Aesthetic and other respected clinics targets fat using ultrasonic waves, liquefying it and making it easy to suction away. As the least invasive option and one that is incredibly successful, Vaser can accurately target an area, and it reduces trauma on surrounding cells to ensure a speedy healing process.

Laser-assisted liposuction breaks down fat using laser energy. Although this is an older form of lipo, it is very efficient. Tumescent Lipo involves injecting the targeted area with a fluid that breaks up cells. This method is done under general anaesthetic because a vigorous suction process is used to remove all loosened fatty tissue.

These types of lipo all offer their own benefits, and patients should always be guided by an experienced professional to determine which methods best suits their requirements.

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