Emotions key to successful Customer Experience

If we do not wake emotions in people (surprise, joy, trust, etc.), they do not pay attention and if you do not pay attention are not able to recall the brand, supply, etc. Moreover, without the emotional brain you cannot make decisions like buying a product or service or recommend. Therefore, the emotions generated by a company are essential for management.

If we add that the classification of customers based on their emotions (EMO Index ® and Cluster EMO ®) up to 3.4 times better predicts the actual behavior of customers ranking most popular indicators such as Net Promoter Score or NPS. No doubt, you have to manage and measure emotions, so is evidenced by the article “An Emotional Business” of the Business Strategy Review (London Business School) having the Index EMO® as the metric of this new “era of management” recognizing the importance of the emotions felt by customers.Emotions key to successful Customer Experience

And how companies react? How fit the customer experience in the management? And emotions within the discipline of Customer Experience?The reality is that there is a lot of curiosity and expectation. So much so that there are weekly events, conferences, journals, etc… looking like a new fashion.

However, the Customer Experience is here to stay and involves the transformation of companies starting with their managers and reaching all levels of the organization. This implies having to address and clarify concepts related to the customer experience in its three dimensions (use, expectations and experiences generated).

I.e. addressing strategy Customer Experience means taking a cross and transformational perspective of these dimensions, ranging from the channels through which customers interact with companies and their products and services, customer expectations and most relevant, their emotions.

Who is willing to not put the focus on the emotional then?

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