Followers are not numbers, they are people

I just read the news that a new company provides you with fans and followers for different social networks for a quite affordable prices, with the distinguishing feature that they are real fans and not fake profiles, as in other cases.

Given this reality flowing through the network, the professionals involved in social media, should make a series of reflections and stop thinking about what leads to consider this kind of choices.

  • Why we give so much importance to the number of fans when it is a purely quantitative data?
  • Is our strategy is not good enough to naturally attract those followers?
  • What we are social networks?
  • Do not you get to meet your goals with the company that hired you and you need to cover the record?

Followers are not numbers, they are peopleWhile quantitative data is an initial data we all look, we’re learning that it is not the principal nor the most important.

When we considered buying followers for a brand for which you are working or for your own brand, you are using practices that you yourself know that are unethical and that at any moment could turn against you.

Undoubtedly, the pressure to reach a number of followers can be stressful in some cases and that having popularity in different social networks is a cherished value, but for this you have to buy them, it is that something is wrong.

Networking is hard and it takes perseverance and be able to generate an emotional bond that unites us to our fans, what link going to get with fans that are bought however they are real or fake?

Users are there to communicate with you, express your tastes or just stay informed of your activities. If these followers are purchased, the interaction, bond or interest that you will get to your brand will be very poor, then, what do you want them?

Followers are not numbers, they are people who will show their sympathy for your company and that cannot be bought.

Win that community with your effort, your daily work and your professionalism is what will actually yield the greatest results.

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