The 4 main characteristics of customers using testers

In this world where the e – commerce seems to be taking more and more strength, perhaps one might be tempted to think that nobody or very few go to the shops and, above all, and no one bothered to spend hours taken ( or minutes) in the fitting room trying on clothes. The truth is that not only continues to buy in physical stores and using their testers, but also those physical stores have become a showcase of online stores through practices such as showrooming. And consumers still use testers stores to try on clothes.

Ofertia, a company that provides access to brochures and online store promotions, has made a study of its customer base to know who still uses testers clothing stores and how they are. The general conclusions are that the consumer profile of the fashion industry is “predominantly female”. The age range is between 26 and 45 years, according to data Ofertia live in family.

The 4 main characteristics of customers using testersBut in addition, the study allows to go in detail to find the characteristics that define this group of consumers. They may, in fact, find 4 distinctive features that underpin their shopping experience and allow stores know who is hiding in your testers sector.

Testers are things women (and women who are more or less average)

Users testers stores are not boring retirees who need to spend their time with something or the “metrosexual hipsters” as pointing from Ofertia, but the female audience. And when it comes to these consumers, it is not necessary to make great efforts segmentation to find the woman still using testers stores. According Ofertia’s definition is the “typical woman”.

They are on average between the twenties and cuaretona and have come to the store without having seen prior information. 80%, according Ofertia, had not seen the catalog on paper before entering the establishment.

They are loyal to a particular brand

Attracting of these consumers to the tester does not mean they’re going to stay forever with that particular brand. Nor are marquistas not have taken the step to normcore. They are in the profile “fashion victims”. The consumer employing tester stores has traveled, on average, three different brands. He knows all and is also familiar with their offer.

See a catalog drives the purchase decision

The catalog of the collection is not dead, or at least is not ignored by consumers. I see it propels if not the last purchase decision if at least approaching the point of sale. According to data from Ofertia, after seeing the catalog of a particular brand, 33% of consumers visit the physical store of that mark in a period not exceeding 7 days.

Getting reach the store is almost guaranteed sales

Despite fears physical distributors, a consumer into the store is almost a guarantee that is going to take something, at least according to the findings of the Ofertia. The consumer type that has left the analysis they have made of consumption patterns will not see everything or be tested everything you find, it goes straight to buy.

80% of consumers who visited clothing stores closed the visit making a purchase.

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