The effect of lying on brands: Parallels between business and politics

In the same way that a monopoly is the hotbed of alternative solutions, consumers will embrace excited at the possibility of choosing a uniform and disloyal behavior of a sector is a fertile environment for the emergence of another competition.

Lying as a sales tool

We see so repeatedly as different sectors are dominated by a group of companies that use unfair to stand in dominant positions to their customers and get windfall profits practices. There is nothing better than the comparison between countries to see how there are huge differences, and how healthy competition can benefit consumers. For example, who has invented the establishment of call for calls from mobile? In other countries, in addition to cheaper rates, there is this cost.

The effect of lying on brands Parallels between business and politicsOne of the most barefaced practices is totally shameless lie. Some companies lie to their customers directly. In many cases, customers do not have the capacity, either by time or ignorance supervision to detect deceptions. And although it seems that these practices are carried out with impunity, I think that ultimately unsustainable.

Interestingly, it seems that companies using these techniques end up believing their own lies, and that lying is integrated into its operations as something as natural as turning on the light. It is logical that comes a time when this strategy burst. The ball is becoming bigger and bigger until it’s completely unsustainable manner analogous to an economic bubble. The damage is done to the brand is irreparable.

Parallelism company – Political organization

A parallel example that can help us to compare the behavior of political parties and our rulers who use lies as a tool, completely shameless way. It is hard to believe and digest that what they are saying is designed in relation to what they think we want to hear, and the electoral gains that can bring them, whether it is true or false.

Paradigmatic are statements from Finance Minister Montoro on the supposed benefits of very low inflation. Knowing that seems reasonable that very low inflation can be seen positively by the vast majority of citizens who think, “Well, wages go down, but at least the prices of things not go up, we’re not so bad”, lies praising the lucky we have. This is a joke. As saying that when he had got his horse learn not to eat, go and die. I imagine the following conversation with Montoro:

– Montoro: We invented a car that consumes no fuel. 
– Interviewer: Great! How fast? 
– Montoro: It has a maximum speed of zero kilometers per hour.

Montoro, and anyone with a basic knowledge of economics knows that this is a lie, and an extremely low inflation, well seasoned with a situation of high indebtedness, it is a catastrophic situation, symptom of the quagmire in which we find ourselves.

In my opinion these practices are unsustainable, and sooner or later always emerge a reaction that will sweep map businesses or organizations that make lying flag.

What do you think?

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