Do we really influences the number of fans in the perception of a brand?

Generally a high number of “Like”, which can be considered as an indicator of popularity and relevance, and usually has a positive influence on other users. Aegis Media claims to have scientifically proven this claim, a study conducted by the University of Cambridge. The more “Like” has a better valued page is in several respects, to a certain point. Something happens when the numbers exceed certain threshold, because perception becomes less positive.

Do we really influences the number of fans in the perception of a brandFor the study, a Facebook page of an invented brand, Ashwood Furnishings, reportedly with 150 years of history and expansion plans in the international market was created. They were presented on page 600 of US Internet users. They all saw the same fanpage, except the number of “Like”, which had two million variations of each other. Aegis Media found that the more likes had the best ratings received page in terms of interest, trust, consideration and recommendation or importance. And interestingly, also it grew as the number of fans of the page, respondents indicated a more expensive price of furniture. That is, associating a high number of I like a more expensive product on the market.

However, the positive effect of the number of Likes on brand perception is gradually decreasing from 200,000 fans, where respondents were more disconnected. Perhaps because they understand that their voice will not be heard amid a crowd so large or because they are a very small part in such a huge community. But the fact is that from that threshold, interest begins to decrease.

They were also identified gender differences: women are more receptive and have more positive than men in general answers. Also, as expected, most active users on Facebook are more likely to be influenced by the number of fans that those who have not entered fully into social networks.

The data were presented at the Social Media Week in London and the concern of many agencies and brands was to have amassed large communities of fans and not be reaching the audience that really interested them. Buying likes is now obsolete and very few dare to artificially inflate their number of fans and then reap derisory levels of engagement.Therefore, the investigators pointed out how many companies were stepping back and trying to clean your list of fans of fake accounts.

So Facebook itself is also providing solutions for dealing with new forms of advertising and promotions, custom audiences, to capture an audience of more affinity with the brand. Another change that is experiencing with Facebook is launching a new button, representing the highest degree of affinity with the brand. This is the “Follow” (continue) or “Following” button (following), a complementary option to the traditional and already hackneyed “I like” and that began appearing last month in some Fanpages. Although in principle has been no official statement on the matter, it appears that Facebook is opening new avenues for fans of a brand really demonstrate their connection with it.

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