Does your website work hard for you or not?

Did you know that the first websites entered our awareness in the 1990s? In just 20 years, websites and the internet have become essential to business and personal users alike. How can you tell whether your website is working for you, or if it has fallen by the wayside if you already have one? In the 90s, many businesses questioned why they needed a website. If you are not online today, you will be nowhere, such is the growth of the digital world.

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First sites were nothing more than a simple online brochure, with pictures and information on a company. The first sites were not interactive or had the special user experience we expect today. Your website is one the most essential tools for your business in today’s digital world. Your website is an important tool for marketing, selling, providing information, and getting feedback.

Visitors to your website are not looking for a sales pitch or hard sell, but rather for information to determine whether they trust you. They want to know about your product or service, but they also want to get to know you, what you believe in, and whether you can meet their needs. For a Web designer Exeter, go to

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Your site must be able to keep in touch with visitors until they are ready to make a purchase. The goal of your website must be to keep visitors engaged, maintain their interest, and continue the dialogue. Check to see if your website is performing well and if it isn’t, do something about it today!

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