How long think companies shelve mobile commerce?

Mobile devices are already common to buy online tool, a reality that companies cannot continue to ignore.

Why should that take shine to all your weapons, for the next Christmas contest, without neglecting these small but smart displays? Last season, 1 in 3 online purchases was recorded through a smartphone.

However, traders have not yet awakened. Mobile consciousness has not touched his door, and might regret it sooner rather than later. As we published these days, only 1 in 3 companies whose priority is to invest in mCommerce during the next holiday season.

How long think companies shelve mobile commerceTo not end up lamenting his unwise attitude, we present reasons amply demonstrated on the adequacy of improving mobile strategy, based on data KISSmetrics…

Mobile consumers think and act locally. 78% of mobile searches in the local environment end at purchase. Certainly a high conversion rate, which exceeds considerably the computer (61%) and even tablets (64%).Proof that the user looking for something just when in need. If we are able to provide it, they will soon decide.

To purchase, users prefer to surf the mobile web apps before use. Users do not quite appreciate the benefits of mobile applications. Rather, for them is a barrier, a world apart from the rest of the Internet, where not necessarily what they want, or the user experience is as wish. Therefore, when buying, 7 out of 10 customers prefer to sail directly online with your mobile phone, rather than using the apps. Companies need to reconsider the advantages and your mobile app strategy in order to make it profitable, and customer loyalty.

Customers spend more time shopping online with your mobile with the computer. According to comScore, online shoppers spend 44% of their time to buy with your smartphone, and 11% to your tablet. This implies that more than half the time they spend on internet purchases (55%) is through these intelligent terminals. Therefore, do not take care of the mobile shopping experience means giving back to these customers, with the frustration involved.

Coupons are great allies mobile devices. Users fervently embrace all kinds of discounts, deals and economic advantages. The rise of mobile coupons continues to increase, imposing itself on its offline version as an effective means to impact the customer and lure you to conversion.

Juniper Research study indicated earlier this month that only 16 billion digital coupons will be redeemed this year. Of these, about 3 out of 4 (73%) will originate on mobile devices, device through which 85% will be exchanged. Consequently, mobile coupons are a gateway to the client, a unique opportunity to encourage conversion, where these intelligent terminals every day have greater prominence.

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