Programmatic buying: News about advertising online auctions

While online auctions ad space can be an effective way to increase brand exposure and conduct direct response campaigns instrument, brands are increasingly demanding regarding performance and measurements, contributing to be stricter in showing exactly what the advertising budget invested.

As technology advances, there are new opportunities to improve targeting and return on investment (ROI) in order to meet these requirements, that will change the way of using and measuring online advertising Ad Exchange type. We no longer talk of real-time bidding (RTB), but most comprehensive programmatic buying, buying advertising space directly on web sites or ad networks as well as in the private market (PMP). These are some of the new trends we can expect as a result of this development:

Programmatic buying News about advertising online auctions1. Facebook Exchange (FBX): Considering the huge size and the possibility of retargeting, we will record more purchases through FBX. The inventory is much more profitable, and often reach more conversions than traditional re-targeting display campaigns. According to recent reports, FBX pays 36% more than Google Ad Exchange (source: Triggit). Many of our customers ask us to test today with FBX, and also observed a significant increase in overall ROI.

2. Advertising focused on quality with video and mobile: it is no secret that there is a lot of inventory of low quality. It is therefore essential to identify relevant audiences in rich environments and sites with high quality content. more attention to quality inventories and mobile video formats to strengthen the relationship with consumers across multiple devices is provided. The goal is to get in touch with the consumer, regardless of the device used: smartphone, tablet or computer.

With advanced metrics can be displayed details on the percentage of the video and all interactions with their interactive videos. On the video quality in the exchanges, through the company’s Peer39 Group, we can launch impressions where the video size and location fit with the previously agreed attributes. They are also available verification reports and visibility for display campaigns, including emerging web banners Smartphones and tablets.

3. Data thirds: Many of our customers use our contextual data to a third party together with data from their own ad server for more objective and comprehensive reporting. Anyway, the ability to effectively analyze data is key.

Many players in the world RTB boast of their ability to obtain real-time information, but actually this is usually a manual process. Also, our advanced attribution models, as well as reports on the Path to Conversion, are more useful in targeting and bids, by reduplicating and integrate all reports in the ad server.

The online navigation is becoming more complex once given the incorporation of a seemingly endless number of channels and options interaction with brands. The Ad Exchange markets will remain an easier and more economical solution to reach relevant audiences, since they offer tools and more efficient technologies.

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