5 corporate away days to shake things up

The benefits of corporate events have long been recognised. They enable both individual and team development and reveal attributes in your staff that the normal working environment simply doesn’t expose. These events are something that professional business coaches, like this Tewkesbury business coach www.randall-payne.co.uk/services/business-advisory/business-coaching/ might suggest to you if you are wanting to work on teambuilding.. You can use these rooms as a base location for your activities and a place in which you can discuss any upcoming product releases or other strategic discussions.

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Choosing the right type of event is clearly important and recent years have seen this market explode with daring ideas. These activities are designed to bring some cohesion to your team. You could be stuntmen for the day, or out on military manoeuvres. The range of options is extensive, so here are five ideas to help you choose. Some of these can be incorporated within a standard team meeting event, whilst others will need to be undertaken on their own.

Human sheep herding

To place everyone outside of their comfort zone, how about this radical team building event? It’s ‘One Man and His Dog’ without the dog, or the sheep! Your team makes up the herd with one person delegated to guide his blindfolded flock into a pen, using only a series of sound commands.

Extreme eventing

We have already mentioned some radical event ideas but how about enrolling your team in ‘I’m an employee, get me out of here!’, a jungle experience based on the format of the well-known TV show? Only a manager can know if their team will embrace this type of challenge or whether they will mutiny!

Indoor activities

There is a wealth of indoor events available, but a very popular choice seems to be cookery classes which can be held in a working kitchen environment. There can still be plenty of pressure while encouraging new skills and team support, with a rewarding outcome for all.

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Toys for boys and girls

The BBC suggests something a little tamer for your next event, and they do make a good case. This could include some adrenaline filled activities such as abseiling or perhaps paddle boarding.

Sports day rejuvenated

For a classic approach, how about a sports day incorporating giant outdoor games with slapstick humour but a strong aspect of team building? Although still a classic corporate event, the development of props and facilities has given this theme a new lease of life and the fun side may allow the more reserved members of your staff to thrive.

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