Advantages of Using a Recyclable Exhibition Stand

By choosing a recyclable exhibition stand, you can reduce the amount of waste you create. According to beMatrix’s Sustainability Charter, 90% of conventional stand building materials are discarded in mixed residual waste, a large proportion of which is avoidable. Furthermore, a recyclable exhibition stand is lighter than other exhibition stands, so it can be transported using smaller vehicles. It also creates less dust and debris. As a result, it reduces health risks. It is also easy to update as you choose, and you can use different elements as you need them for different events.

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The event industry has a history of using unsustainable practices, including the production of waste after exhibitions and the electricity used to illuminate the stands. It also involves travel by promotional teams across long distances with heavy loads. A green exhibition stand is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and promote your brand in a responsible way. For information on Small eco-friendly exhibition stands, consider Colour Studios who supply Small eco-friendly exhibition stands

Another advantage of using a recyclable exhibition stand is that you can reuse it time again. This means that you can save money on marketing, and you can use the same stand for many events. This allows you to focus more of your time and effort on other aspects of event planning. You can also invest in more innovative marketing campaigns instead.

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Recyclable exhibition stands also reduce the impact your stand has on the environment. They are more durable than vinyl, meaning they won’t crease. In addition, they are lighter and more energy-efficient.

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