Brands and positive contagion in the event sponsorships

We are at a time in which it is tempting to cut costs of the parts of our business that do not produce results in a tangible way. Among them what we have at hand are investments in the creation and reinforcement of our brand. Certainly we must seek efficiency, and help us pull technologies increasingly aim at the target. We shoot with rifle and shotgun bullets and no cartridges and bullets.

This is no time for the dispersal of resources, but to enter into direct conversation with our potential customers using guerrilla marketing, direct marketing, and segmenting the most of our audiences. We need to be where our potential customers are, regardless of size and state of development of our company.

Brands and positive contagion in the event sponsorshipsMaintenance for the engine we will reduce or eliminate the actions of branding of our company is as removing car maintenance; short term we saved money, but the car will run stopping and repairs will be much more expensive than the cost of maintenance. We cannot help polish and brighten our brand. They are the actions of branding, and marketing, which gives efficacy to our commercial activities. Without them we sent naked into battle our business resources when more than should never go armed with the best armor.

The organization and promotion of events that are of interest to our potential customers is one of the best options to meet them, know them and let water the seed or sale. Alternatively or complementarity, if we organize an event is prohibitively expensive in time and resources, we have the option of sponsoring a suitable event organized by others. While it is true that if your company has a policy of generating content as part of their marketing, will have enormous usable for holding events material.

Sponsorships, positive contagion organize a live event it does not have to mean a high cost, or time or resources; I can seek alliances, I even provide a room and suitable assistants. If we have a small company, sponsor an event we can afford to be beside stronger than ours appropriate brands and infect positively of this notoriety. But the positive contagion occurs in different lines: our brand is spread and absorbed prestige and reputation of the promoters of the event, of the brands that are part of it, of the speakers and attendees. Any of these earlier, or more of these groups may be my leads; sponsor the event will allow us to contact them in a friendly environment, where they will be open to interact with us, creating a mutual trust that is the genesis of a future business relationship. Do not forget that all parties involved in the event do so on their own initiative.

We have many options, with the full range of investment imaginable, to support events and create brand. These events also can be offline or online, and go from webinars, classroom training courses, seminars, celebrations of all kinds, professional meetings, etc. Can we be promoters of the event or can take advantage of events organized by others.

Sponsorships are a great way to meet our potential customers in a friendly, positive and productive environment. Should be part of our integrated marketing strategy in a global concept, they do not serve us as an isolated action, and we have previously planned commercial actions that rely on them.

What types of events you lean to grow your brand? Do you use online and offline events?

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