MasterCard wants all its employees to be brand specifiers in social networks

Employees can act as the best brand ambassadors. No one knows the activity that takes place in the organization, or may feel more connected and engaged with a company that its employees.

Undoubtedly constitute the most human part of the organization, and therefore are willing to pass on their values, experience and personality like no other spokesman. Hence the desirability of making the internal staff of the company in its visible head, his image.

MasterCard wants all its employees to be brand specifiers in social networksToday, brands spend much of their efforts in Social Media to get the favor of customers, acting for it on their own behalf, or by using influencers to spread in their surroundings the benefits of the brand. However, they have before them the best brand advocates and many have not stopped to look at them: we speak of its own staff. Fortunately there are companies that are aware of the advantages of having the support of their own, and have begun to take advantage of the benefit of the brand. Mastercard is a good example. As recorded Digiday, it has proposed converting its more than 7,500 employees in authentic brand advocates, giving them a voice to speak through social channels on behalf of the company for which they work.

Certainly give this power to employees carries great risk, but on the other hand, should be aware that employees already use social networks in their day to day, so you cannot put doors to the field, and is better take this social activity for the benefit of the brand. All this, of course, prior awareness of the importance of their activity 2.0, by developing internal regulations, and appropriate training plan.

This is an ambitious large-scale project, which involves a significant investment and a great deal of coordination, but the results can greatly benefit the brand and will involve a before and after, both in the social media strategy of the company, as in relations internally between the different members of the organization.

To succeed in this struggle, it is an indispensable condition to have satisfied employees with the company, and fully committed to their organization. According to the study released in July by Madison Performance Group, 67% of workers are committed defenders brand assets, say they know the needs of customers and are willing to recommend the company’s products. It is therefore important to ensure internal staff satisfaction, from there to take advantage of their positive attitude towards the company to be involved in evangelizing customers.

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