The Problems With Working From Home

Working from home for many people has been a fantastic experience. No more cramped commute in the pouring rain or intense heat, a more relaxed approach to day to day life, and more flexibility and time to spend with the family. For many companies too, it has been something that has gone well, with many businesses now seeing it as a great long term way of working.

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However for some people, working from home is not something they have enjoyed at all. Many are desperate to get back to the office, and there are a few reasons for this.


Technology problems – Working from home is reliant on the internet connection that you have, as well as the health of your home computer. If you have problems with this and you are being asked to work from home for the foreseeable future, it might be wise to find a professional like this laptop repairs Gloucester based company Cotswold computer medic to make sure that your technological problems are fixed.


Loneliness – For many people, work is not just a way of earning money, but it also provides social interaction. For people who live alone, having this taken away has been incredibly difficult, as zoom meetings and emails can’t replace the hubbub of a busy office.

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Low Motivation – Many people struggle to work in a home environment as they don’t feel that sense of motivation that they get in the office. Lacking that busy and dynamic atmosphere, it can be easy to start procrastinating, and lacking in enthusiasm, especially at home when there are many other distractions.

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