Which Jobs Require a Medical Assessment?

When looking for employment or for a new job, you might be wondering if certain jobs require a medical assessment or not. Not all jobs to do and the ones that do require a medical examination will normally be those which involve strenuous, hazardous or unique physical requirements such as a police officer or oil rig worker, for example. The bottom line is that some jobs, no matter what the job title or what type of job it is, require an assessment in order to determine if you are healthy enough to do the job or not and if you are physically capable of performing the job requirements. For help from Occupational Health Wales, visit Insight Workplace Health

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A medical assessment is usually done in a health care setting such as a hospital or clinic. The main purpose of this exam is to determine your physical condition and to see if you need further evaluation and treatment. Usually the assessment is done before the job applicant is actually hired but sometimes it is performed during the interview process or right after the job application has been approved. There are a few different types of exams that are used for evaluating health.

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If you are going for a job such as a firefighter then the health questions that are asked during the interview will likely be crucial to the role you are applying for. You will want to make sure that you are ready and prepared to answer all of the health questions that will be asked of you before you apply for the job so that you don’t find yourself surprised.

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