Why reception areas are the hub of a business

How often have you walked into the reception area of a business to find it teeming with people? Probably, quite often. This is because receptions are the hub of a business and where a lot of activity takes place on a day to day basis.

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Here are some of the activities that you might see happening.


Welcoming visitors – this is one of the primary functions of a reception area. To create a place where visitors can sign into the building, sit down on some comfy Reception Chairs whilst they wait for their meeting to start. The ways in which visitors are signed in will depend very much on the type of business. For some it may be the receptionist registering them as arriving on an electronic system, it could be signing out a visitor’s pass and in some cases it could be using an electronic sign in system.


Answering calls – receptionists often also answer calls into a general enquiry line and will then pass these onto the relevant people in the business, so don’t be surprised if you find them on the phone when you arrive at the building.

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Booking meeting rooms – with the receptionist being in charge of signing visitors into the building it makes sense in some cases that they are also in charge of booking the meetings into the rooms that the business has available. They may also show visitors to the meeting room and may also be responsible for setting the room out and providing the visitors with refreshments.


Deliveries – if your business regularly sends our post and parcels or receives them, there is a good chance that this takes place in the reception area. Couriers and Postmen will come into the reception area to collect and deliver items as is needed by the type of work that you do.

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