Why trust is so important in obtaining customer data?

Data is the current exchange currency on the Internet. Businesses rack their brains to devise strategies and actions to capture valuable information about your target audience.

Capture leads stakeholders to help create a database of quality is the first step to increase sales and thus the profits of the enterprise. Hence the importance of designing actions aimed to capture the more the merrier personal data.

Why trust is so important in obtaining customer dataHowever, there is a basic premise to motivate the user to fill out a form with your mail, age, or number: the degree of trust in the brand that request.

The concern of users for the processing of data is a barrier that leads to question them where, how and with whom to share your confidential information. Customers are increasingly concerned about maintaining the privacy of your data. The last Customer Acquisition Barometer indicated that only half of consumers are willing to share your personal information with brands.

This report concludes that, to obtain information from consumers, companies have to build trust, and demonstrate that they will make proper use of the information provided, subject to the Legislator rules protecting the privacy of customer data.

According to the study by Econsultancy and Acxiom, 27% of customers fully trust, or largely in the company that provided your data, while 48% acknowledge some degree of confidence in the company. Instead, only 4% provides information to those companies they do not trust.

These data reinforce the findings of the DMA, which also shows the trust as an essential element for any personal information. Thus, 26% of participants in the survey highlighted the confidence in the brand as a fundamental premise to provide information. Second, 25% demanded a clear privacy policy and accurate. For 10% it is necessary to find and easy access that privacy policy; while for 15% it is essential that transmit confidence page, with elements that prove so.

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