A social networking strategy must go beyond counting followers

There are many companies that do not quite understand that a social media strategy goes beyond getting followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook, leaving aside an aspect that perhaps is the most important feedback.

There have been many cases of people who make a public complaint about a company in a social network, and within minutes the company reacts and comes into contact with the user to see how we can solve, but unfortunately, there are still few who they put it into practice.

A social networking strategy must go beyond counting followersSocial Media is precisely this, to communicate with users and when a problem is approaching. It is about listening and commitment is obtained and all companies should strive to achieve. The intention is always to retain customers, and with these actions is achieved.

We must not only collect data followers, fans, comments and “likes” we receive and then make a marketing campaign for it. Twitter and Facebook are the work platforms and a company can use them best to achieve that users actually connect with brands.

Depending on the size of the company, there are different strategies to make sure that they are not losing a conversation. Large companies can invest in hiring social media services like Radian6 or Sysomos, for good analysis.

Smaller companies that do not have funds to purchase these tools, however, have no excuse, because a simple review mentions on Twitter and let them see the latest talks on you. No matter the technology used to eavesdrop because the response strategy is the same: be personal and genuine.

If a company uses social networking to sell things or win potential customers, they must demonstrate that they understand how to do it first, even when you are selling something must make sure that is done with real personality.

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