Are there too many companies on social networks?

It is the question that has been made in the last survey that UM has made social networking users in the United States between 16 and 54 years. 47% of them said to agree with that statement to a greater or lesser degree. Only 18.6% showed disagree.

The results of the survey are invited to reflect seriously on the actions that are taking brands on social networks. Not only to check if they are knowing differentiate themselves in their social activity but also to find out if they have really managed to capture the essence of social networks and are working to build their users a true online community around its acronym.

Are there too many companies on social networksIn this regard, a few months ago, and a study by YouGov revealed that there was a critical mass of people in the UK who had stopped using social networks because they had already had enough promotional campaigns.Certainly thought-provoking.

But not the whole picture is drawn uphill. While it is true that the UM survey reveals a certain weariness among consumers, paradoxically companies that have started that way it welcomes. In a separate question, they were asked respondents to indicate if they had a more positive view of the brands when they had opened an account in social networks. 34% said yes, compared to 26% who disagreed with this statement.

And there are some significant variations in responses based on age groups.The youngest, aged between 16 and 24 years are those who value more positively the social presence of companies with 45.9% of respondents. That ratio is falling as the respondent’s age up until the last tranche of users between 45 and 54, among which only 21% were in favor of that statement compared with 36.7% who said disagree.

The results seem contradictory but are perhaps not so. On the one hand, users are more likely to consider an asset that companies have a presence in social networks and instead have the feeling that is becoming an increasingly crowded environment. The conclusion suggests is that the consumer wants to do businesses in social but not in any way networks.

Users should be more selective with the following brands and companies will have to work better to soften this negative perception, trying to convert social channels into real dialogue platforms and trying to differentiate themselves from competitors.

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