Companies strengthen their mobile strategy to improve customer experience

9 out of 10 large companies believe that mobile solutions are an important or very important part of their business. 

The main objective when enter fully into all the implications that brings mobile revolution, is to improve the consumer experience. Large companies are aware that there is a 86% of the population accessing the Internet through your mobile and navigation time exceeds more than two hours a day.

Companies strengthen their mobile strategy to improve customer experienceHence, data from the latest survey of Syniverse 400 senior executives from companies with more than 1,000 employees in ten different markets. A quarter of them have already launched a strategy to reach audiences and mobile clients, while another 48% are in the process of implementing one.

For 60% of respondents, the main reason for doing so is to improve the user experience. The road is long, judging by the statements of own executives responsible for the stores of e-commerce: only 30% of them considered good or excellent ability of your company to understand how it should be the mobile experience for customers ( Econsultancy and Tealeaf).

60% of executives surveyed by Syniverse also have set a target in its mobile strategy to increase communication and collaboration with their consumers and 58% said priority improve user retention rates. Although they are not realizing the full potential of mobile devices, it is clear that companies conceive the mobile as a crucial channel in its relationship with its customers.

Of course, financial goals are on the table and are more than enough to venture into this field solid reason. A large 56% of companies rely on increasing revenues and more than half have also reduce some operating costs by introducing mobile solutions.

The study concludes that the objectives are varied depending on the business when traveling through corporations and what they have advanced on this path, but mobile solutions are no longer a tactic or a specific action but are intended as an overall strategy within of business.

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