Faults and excesses in the world of marketing

According to studies the numbers in our post holders increased by 10% or up to 20% traffic. The figures make us the number of steps to success, be aware of the ideal qualities, or knowledge about the fundamental stages concerning an event in “concrete”. So far, perfect. However, although this analysis under microscopic; of specific issues needed, where the observation of globality of things at a safe distance is. It takes more to see the forest from outside while seeing it from inside.

The boom of information, and the playback speed of marketing to different levels have forced fragmentation as a means of better understanding. We learn by volume, and enact our knowledge fascicles, but what about global theories?

Faults and excesses in the world of marketingPromote knowledge and ambition to spread the thought and the theoretical and practical developments together, it is the best way so that everything is weighed and sail in the same direction. Eric Hoffer and said “At a time of radical change, the future belongs to those still learning, those who have already learned are equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.”Brilliant phrase as an example of two types of attitude of professionals: Apprentice or Learner, as well as Master or Knower. The concern is that we fall back into the failure of the “opposite” presented two attitudes that occur simultaneously in the person, shed more dominant than another, as opposed separable and above. The desire to classify and pigeonhole number is perhaps turning against us. So welcome to the relationship between the Learner and tighter Knower in his time and in a constant crisis. There is rivalry and her stumble. You are what are one or the other;and this is not a question, nor should it be a statement. It is an example of the many errors of global dimension and therefore magnified consequent impact of specific decisions.

Creating profiles opposite and harmful for everyday business productivity thus.

Languages, versatility, loyalty, adaptability; are some of the qualities expected of modern professionals by 2014. Which is a symbol of lack of clarity, rather than characteristics should be determined once what attitude is being sought professional. The problem is that we are people and for that, it is very difficult to be relegated to a position and hieratic succeed. The company needs professional moving and movement needs of curiosity and curiosity of some freedom of movement. It is an unstoppable circle and try to control only accommodates a situation “brain drain”.

Do you have attitude Apprentice “Learner” or Master “Knower”? Some considered that the appropriate response is to Learner, more after reading the words of Eric Hoffer, due to the positive connotation to introduce an attitude constantly growing, breaking the barriers of ignorance and challenging the intellect in search more knowledge. However, on the other hand it is not expected attitude in the business world, because it is too curious symbol threat to standardize some processes. And an attack on certain forms of action and solidified already in the company usually born knowers or teachers who do not want jeopardize the outcome of their wits.Here comes the product catalog tendency to crash, and the desperate search for “end” to give closure to issues that should always be “open” to growth or change. This can only be achieved if simultaneous encourage attitude be both learner and knower, and echo in the practice of both qualities. Or it may be best to introduce a new term, non-threatening and free of opposed by not bringing it to the fore. Why not talk about, and produce visionaries?

Personal Branding knows a lot of “experts” as it is strange to sell the professionalism from the premise “I am constant learner, an expert at all, but quite visionary” Here comes the next point relative. Is there room for acceptance of ignorance, ignorance and uncertainty? “I do not know everything, now, I know, I know well and I’m not learning process”

Promotion of goal orientation and motivation towards the process sonante.

Aspiration for significance, big time, to the enviable, what undoubtedly victorious. Everything has to have a tangible, visible and immediate objective, involving the sample and demonstration of how we are close to success. Speaking of success is not in relation to the effective overcoming small problems, activities or tasks, but here we refer to success with big words. We are too focused on the pursuit of “landslide victory”.

Mahatma Gandhi said “Almost everything you do will be insignificant, but it is very important to do so.” See beyond what lies ahead, the visible, the present, even the dream, it’s not about prospects, less than sizes, but the assurance that everything is made up of millions of parts of multiple dimensions, some tiny, even negligible. We spoke of principles and processes carried out in the mediocrity of its simplicity have more general significance intrinsic significance. Nothing is in vain, because every act has its impact, and any impact generates a reaction. But if we are talking about communities, people, interactions; digital marketing deals with that.

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