Five Tips for Optimizing WordPress Business Websites

Business sites based on WordPress offer a number of opportunities for optimization. Here are just five tips, which should help to enhance the online presence of your organization without breaking the bank.

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Optimize Images

Page-load speed is something to which both search engines and site visitors alike are sensitive, so if you are looking for improvement here, then it is a good idea to address image issues first and foremost.

Maintaining the quality of the images while reducing their size is possible using a variety of modern compression tools, many of which are free to use. Also ensure that you use an efficient image format, such as the near-universal JPEG.

Switch Hosting Firms

For further boosts to the speed and stability of your site, you may need to switch from your current host to a new provider that is a better fit for your needs.

Agencies such as offer WordPress hosting in the UK for businesses of all shapes and sizes, with flexible, affordable packages that factor in things like security and customer services.

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Update Default Settings

Security breaches can bring small sites to their knees, but most common types of attacks can be avoided through a few simple steps.

Firstly, you should always remember to change the default username for the administrator account which has access to your WordPress interface. This will dissuade opportunistic hackers from subverting your site’s login process for their own nefarious means.

Take Password Strength Seriously

If you have changed the default admin account name to something else, then you should also ensure that the passwords you use to gain access to your site’s WordPress platform are strong enough to avoid being cracked by brute force.

Create passwords from long strings of randomly selected letters, numbers and symbols, and remember to change them relatively regularly to avoid being caught out.

Consider Global Audiences

If you expect to attract visitors from all over the world, then optimization needs to be carried out with this in mind. Making use of a content delivery network can help in this respect, meaning that pages will load quickly even for users in other countries, and a lot of the bandwidth limitations you might have faced in the past will be overcome.

As with other optimization services, this requires investment, but trials of CDNs will let you test their usefulness.

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