How the strategy of Email Marketing to the next level

In a recent study more than 75% of consumers recognized that prefer to receive advertising (which have previously accepted) via e-mail. Which is great news because it is also the preferred brands to reach their target channel.

Then I leave you some facts and recommendations to squeeze even more this powerful channel.

Must invest time strategy

Those responsible investing more time planning their strategy are usually the ones who get more benefit from your email campaigns. Here is a small list where you can see where you spend most of the time those responsible for implementing, separated into two roles email marketing campaign: those who are average and those who stand out for their results:

As you can see the percentages are very similar in all cases except in the case of the Strategy, a task that invest much longer those who do better on their campaigns.

How the strategy of Email Marketing to the next levelTest thousand times

As all experts recommend Lean Startup Method (widely recognized as a model of effective enterprise): Create, Measure and Learn. That’s what it is, we can apply the methodology of development of new products and their behavior in the market for highly relevant data on our marketing campaign. Everything is based on obtaining quality feedback from our leads, which are what really make or lose money sell the campaign.

Traditionally it has always been thought that the best element to launch testing email marketing campaigns has been to vary the message subject. It is indeed a key element that has a lot of influence on the success of the campaign, but far from the only one. Many people tend to test in the field, and never delves into other improvements or evidence otherwise. A professional should be constantly marketeter enunciating hypotheses and validándolas through various tests on all elements that are part of the campaign.

It’s really amazing how only 15% of those responsible perform tasks related to the adaptive design, testing in a world in which the kings of consumption of digital content are mobile devices.

Study very well when to send your message

How to choose the time of day we make shipments it is vital to the success of the campaign. Many have always thought that the best time to send messages of their campaigns were moments of relaxation of the recipient.But recently many studies have shown better results as those messages get sent earlier or later to take advantage of times when workers are at the computer. Obviously it all depends on your target audience, the above mentioned study refers to recipients whose working hours set in an office.

Of course, once you choose the proper schedule for your campaign, you insist on it for a reasonable time. You can not validate or reject hypotheses in a couple of shipments.

Adaptive design

It’s something not to understand many marketers, the future is in mobile devices, which the population is connected constantly. Investing a number of important resources in a message that can not be displayed properly on tablets and smartphones is a real waste. In addition significantly damage the brand image.

Some of those responsible have told me on occasion that when users are not able to properly display a message on the mobile device, abandon it and try again from a PC. Nothing is further from reality, there are many studies that prove that 75% of smartphone users delete messages that can not display correctly from their devices. And as we all know, a message that is not in the inbox, a message that does not exist.

Another known study concludes that at the end of this 2013 it is estimated that the number of open commercial messages from a mobile device will overtake those that do through PCs.

The overall success of an email marketing campaign is determined by the perceived each message you send value. Why are so important each of the aspects that we have reviewed in this article, from the choice of subject to adaptation for mobile devices; all key to maximizing the effectiveness of your campaign elements.

If you want to take your email marketing strategy to the next level it may be time to rethink some things. You know, create, measure, learn.

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