Keys to monetize the active presence of your business on Twitter

Social microblogging platform is part of the marketing strategy more and more companies. Its potential to spread content and promote engagement with real-time audience has no competition. Instead, everything is not as easy as it seems, for generating activity and create a stable community should take into account certain aspects.

First, it based on a strategy, based on a target

The last thing to do is dive headlong into the pool without a clear idea where you are, who you go or what you want to achieve. It is important to know the terrain, you study the audience, identify influencers or more active tweeters in your area and find out what the competition does. This active listening will help you lay a foundation on which to act.

Keys to monetize the active presence of your business on TwitterSets KPIs

You know what you want to get on Twitter, therefore, to ensure that your actions yield results and do not deviate from your goals, mark the indicators that will help measure the progress of your strategy.

Select the tools you’ll authorize

For both account management and for the analysis of the results. Before the great flood of tools, applications and utilities that exist in the market, it is important to choose those that allow you to measure your goals, that is, know your KPIs. Do not forget to have the classics, such as Google Analytics or HootSuite.

Define policy action on Twitter, and basic rules of use

This is a document of great importance, which should not be missing in any marketing department, but unfortunately often falls into oblivion. Here it is collected from the tone of communication to be used, rules on the treatment of data privacy, or frequency of publication, to how to act in case of a crisis of reputation.

Design a content strategy

Content is the fuel that keeps you active community. You need to provide energy for their interactions, comments and recommendations. Therefore, do not let this part random. Create a schedule with the type of messages that you send daily, weekly and monthly. Here you can include those dates, the day the new promotion, blog updates or creating the final video is released. To do this, of course, there must be a strong coordination with the rest of the department, so that all staff know the strategy of global content, and possible specific needs of each area.

Pay attention to the wording of each tweet

140 characters had never been so important. Specify a message in such a short space it requires great skill. Also, to increase the impact of the message, it is important that meets these premises: not exceed 100 characters, in order to facilitate the RT, include link so that the user can get more information; include images and proper use of hashtags.

Leave room for improvisation

The daily activity sheet should be flexible and leave room for a basic activity to achieve the expected results, and is conversation. The head of the Twitter account must remain aware of the daily activity, interacting with fans in real time, and identify opportunities to generate engagement.

Practice active listening and monitor the conversation

In addition to activity directly related to the brand and its products, there are others related to the industry and users, which should closely monitor areas. For it will be useful monitoring tools, and tracking hashtags.

It has trained staff

In this area, the vocational education and training is essential. The person who is behind a corporate profile assumes a great responsibility to represent the brand. Therefore, you must have communication skills and experience needed to know to master the situation and keep up the circumstances at all times.

Measures, evaluates and reorients your strategy

The online medium allows you to track real-time results and know the user response to the various actions. Therefore, it is essential to show flexibility to changes, and redirect the strategy, based on the reactions and requests from the community. Thus, it can strengthen the content that generates more demand, or rework the message to find more interactions.

Definitely, Twitter requires work and daily dedication, based on a properly planned strategy. Not worth to send messages to the air, but pills interesting content with a specific intent.

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