Make yourself visible! 7 Habits on Twitter to increase the visibility and influence

Clearly we began this reflection with a rhetorical question. What it is Twitter but most social platform visibility and virality more insight into the real world and traditional media?

It is obvious that brands look to Twitter underlying profits increased visibility. The microblogging social network has become the main source of content for traditional media in transit to the new way of reporting, rather should be called, the new form of “form”.

Have high audience on Twitter for real-time closely linked to that is, it is synonymous with hard work, perseverance, constant interaction, metrics analysis and fulfillment of commitments.

Growth should occur as a result of the increasing influence

To be more visible on Twitter is not working formula to follow an indiscriminate number of relevant users, only when growth occurs on quality, it is that we start to visualize new opportunities for our brand.

Knowing what not to do, it is much easier to identify the 7 habits we should adopt if we take the inertia of virality and thereby increase our influence on Twitter.

Make yourself visible! 7 Habits on Twitter to increase the visibility and influenceTweets always quality and consistent with your brand

If you adopted a specific promotion policy that has allowed you to grow steadily and has kept you away from the outbreak of the crisis from the beginning, it is not necessary to modify the regularity, frequency and topics of your tweets. The key is to always deliver answers to your followers, this is the best way to ensure that we follow and promote our actions.

Attention, when your brand starts to have apostles not give free rein to the ego, the demands are increasing; our brand is responsible for the formation and protection of their customers!

Recognizes the quality in the other, let me know

If you are looking to see you as an influential brand associated with quality, commitment and qualities to guide the search for new opportunities, you must deliver the same. Share on Twitter content that deliver quality information is the most direct way to become more visible.

Do not forget that Twitter is a network of two-way, if we want to be influential, we should let us know, we must also show how brands, our tastes, needs and interests, so that other producers can reach us. And of course, we must recognize the quality in others.

Twitter and planned creativity

This concept allows us to explain another habit that is very efficient at Twitter. Updating our network performed at specific times of the day, encourages feedback through dialogue and is a very efficient strategy to maximize the benefits of increased visibility on Twitter.

Planned creativity teaches us to structure and organize our actions in network, which has nothing to do with the connectivity and availability, but with the operating procedure that derives from delivering content and social interaction.

The power of the discussion

If you are looking to be more visible on Twitter raise issues that untie the interest of users it is a very good strategy because it will increase our presence and we will feed relevant information to give to our target what we demand. We getting closer to the consumer experience as we build a presence on Twitter, fascinating right?

Losing the fear of the proposal

Social interaction on Twitter is concrete, empathetic and direct, not be afraid to propose lines of joint action to our users, on the contrary, brands that adopt such strategies, are considered innovative, a prerequisite for visible on Twitter.

And finally, Formatted

Companies and brands have in common responsibility for their actions on the current network, but without any doubt, there is also a liability related to the process of constant specialization through self-taught learning model that requires a constant process of change.

Follow mentors of your brand, to those whose nature, values, target and achievements, focalicen us by our own, is indispensable for achieving visibility and showing us as brands committed to quality, innovation and growth through the “community”.

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