More companies will strengthen their marketing strategy content for 2016

The main objective that marketers have been raised for marketing contained in this coming year is to get leads and increase sales. It is included in the study Curata.

On a scale of 1 to 6, where 1 represents the maximum relevance, marketers gave 2.4 points to the ability of content marketing to generate leads and promote sales, very often to foster engagement with customers and influencers (2.5).

Thirdly concern appears to generate notoriety for the brand (3.2), followed by increasing its leadership and position as a reference (3.7).

More companies will strengthen their marketing strategy content for 2016Moreover, the study revealed the actual influence of marketing content on the objectives described, showing that these actions demonstrated their effectiveness especially in increasing brand recognition (85.1%); implying a growth over the previous year. While the content strategy has achieved a less buoyant result in increasing the number of leads quality (62.3%). Hence the need to strengthen this area in the coming year.

However, companies are satisfied with the impact of their actions in promoting the relationship and commitment to its customers. 3 out of 4 respondents admit they could check the results in this regard.

Given this positive balance, it is not surprising that companies have plans to strengthen its marketing investment in content for 2016. Therefore, 60% of marketers will increase its budget over the next 12 months; a fact also confirmed MarketingProfs data and CMI (Content Marketing Institute).

B2B companies currently spend 26% of their marketing budget to its content strategy, along with 90% of B2C. It is a profitable strategy, since it costs up to 62% better than traditional marketing actions. Hence, 80% of companies believe that is the future of marketing, and should be as a central part of the strategy of any company.

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