Optimising Your Mobile Marketing Offer

Mobile Marketing Offer

When working with a digital agency on website design in Somerset, you can also access digital strategy skills in order to optimise your mobile marketing offer.

Mobile Marketing Offer

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Design for Digital

This is key, because an increasing proportion of your customers will be online and accessing your digital assets via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, design for these devices requires careful consideration. For example, it’s important to design for optimum browsing speed, as large file sizes such as jpegs and media files can slow a website and make it non-responsive.

Keep Media Files Small

The best approach is to limit graphic devices and media files and design your mobile website to be as clean and fast as possible. If you do use video, make sure it runs in HTML5 and use a lightweight play system that doesn’t require too much bandwidth. As part of this, it helps to limit Java scripts. This language works differently across devices and browsers, and this can affect overall performance.

Focus on That Navigation

Remember to make it very easy for your visitor to find what they need quickly and easily – for example, contact details and that all important transactional functionality. Typically, a user will be looking to find your nearest location, get contact details or find out when you are open. The more quickly you can provide this information, and in the most intuitive way, the better from an engagement perspective.

Optimise Your Forms and Use Geo Tools

Another example of good practice is to ensure any forms that you use are optimised for mobile by asking for as little information as you need in order to get that lead. Keep it short and quick to encourage the user to complete it. Use tools such as geolocation to pre-populate address fields for speed. This tool has plenty of broader applications too, such as providing directions, offering local and targeted customer promotions, providing social media collections and allowing store check-ins for incentives and rewards. Contact www.somersetwebservices.co.uk/ for more.

Finally, make sure you check your mobile content across a range of mobile platforms, operating systems and devices. Your web agency should do this as part of the checking process to ensure that the site is replicating reliably across systems, platforms and devices and with optimum usability.

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