Social Listening: What the consumer really thinks

As the digital world becomes complex, the public and the same strategies tend to be complex as well. The Big Data, and everything involved in its processes, becomes an odyssey detection of important elements.

Campaigns in social networks are so beneficial for companies because it allows interact with the public. A short-term strategy for a small audience and is easy to measure, process the comments and decipher their needs and thinking of users, but what about the big long-term strategies? or how can we recognize potential customers, influencers and people upset with the product within the entire digital ecosystem?

Social Listening What the consumer really thinksWhat is Social Listening?

In order to track these valuable opinions on social networks it used the Social Listening. This new term, which appeared late last year, is the activity monitor thanks to a set of free and / or paid that track a conversation on the major social networking tools.

Monitoring capacity will be the focus of this analysis. In addition, it is necessary to have a standardized process to interpret the comments, it is clear that the tools only collect, the more you are not able to differentiate states intentions.


  • Understanding the consumer: The reasons why you should do it is because Social Listening can understand clearly states our target audience also measures the acceptance of a campaign both offline and online and acceptance by the public.
  • Finding influencers: These people have great talent to move masses within social networks, and each ecosystem, no matter how small, has an influencer. Detect is vital and necessary to work with these people for our brand.
  • Anticipating crises: If you want to keep active radar precaution is necessary Social Listening to discover some comments that may be negative for our brand and anticipate future problems that may occur.
  • Improve our product or service: Knowing transparent public input will help you recognize product failures, knowing what the real use that give consumers and thinking about future changes to the customer. If social networks to improve you’re missing a great opportunity to be one step ahead of the competition is not used.


The real challenge for companies to use the Social Listening is to monitor professional way to establish accurate and consistent indicators for the objectives set by the companies. It would not be beneficial to obtain information without knowing how to use it for the benefit of the organization.

Another challenge that comes hand in hand with ignorance on the use of social networks is hiring staff for these activities. Usually, managers of companies believe they can locate anyone with free time to monitor social networks without taking into account the significance of the activity.

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