Subscription lists, the key to success

Subscription lists

Throughout the post we shared with you, we talked about the different tools that people can achieve followers, idealizations and especially ways to sell, that is what should really make a company or business, to be deemed successful.

Many times, we have heard that the basis of money in business online, are on the lists, Myth or Reality, What do you say?

The truth is that it is a half-truth, the money online if the lists, but do we know how many kinds of lists exist within the themes of business?

Subscription listsThe subscription list: the key to success in the web business:

We had mentioned that there are many kinds of lists, such as customer lists, lists of strategic alliances among others.

For this reason we have said that to say that the money is in the list, it does not refer to all of them but only one type of list is covering everything you need.

Because think for a moment, assuming that we take all the names and addresses of the yellow pages and us to send information to all these places. The effort we have invested in it would go away.

The power of the lists depends solely those that are assembled or created from voluntary subscriptions from customers or visitors to the website. In short, the best of the lists is the subscription list.

However, things do not end there. Opt in list is perfect, we know the data, however if you do not offer anything of interest to your subscribers is of no use any of the advantages that often make this type of tool.

If I have subscribers, it is because I have something to offer, a newsletter, a newsletter, something that motivates them to make them participants and especially to offer them quality information, not necessarily connected with us.

The subscription list an invaluable treasure:

We have said that this type of list is the basis of everything; it is the foundation of creating and maintaining a business.

Take the following example, once he asked a marketing expert who thought his company some calamity had happened. All of it was burned; he was full of fire through the halls, the offices, in files, rather in all.

He was asked to think for a moment that if given the chance, what objects would save the fire. The expert did not hesitate and replied that only save all your lists, both its customers and those of their suppliers.

To which argued, offices, objects and computers could easily get, but never lists.

With a list, especially faithful as those created in the subscription customers, it is very easy to create new business, because customers are really those who shape it.

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