The gap between the value that give marketers and consumers to each channel

More and more channels you have at your marketers and businesses to try to connect with their target disposal. They are a changing environment that requires constant updating and improvement of messages and campaigns that are launched through them. The main premise is to try to be always aligned with consumer expectations. And what are those expectations?

The x1 and Research Now companies have analyzed in its report “The Marketer% u2019s Playbook” through a consumer survey and marketing managers of large and small companies in the United States. The study found that a quarter of consumers (25%) the email is the most useful of all when making purchasing decisions and their messages are the most valued media channel. From there the percentages drop dramatically.

The gap between the value that give marketers and consumers to each channelThe next on the list, is the personalized web to which only 16% of consumers will find useful messages received through it. Mobile channels still have disreputable: 6% of consumers estimated that mobile ads are useful; 5% think the same of mobile applications; and only 2% think that SMS be of some use. Social networks are mid-table (9%) with web ads (10%), but always with very low numbers.

In contrast, among the marketers vision it is radically different and seem to have somewhat overstated the value that some channels offer customers and specifiers. And if not, we compare these rates with the previous: 82% believe that email is useful, while 87% understood that a personalized web is helpful for consumers, quite far from 25% to 16% of consumers who did the same considerations respectively.

Although there is also a significant leap between the expectations have marketers about the usefulness of mobile applications (35%), ads on these devices (20%) or SMS (17%) and value lesser extent, that really they have for consumers. Something similar happens with social networks. While we were talking that only serve as support for 9% of consumers, 42% of marketers estimates that help customers make decisions.

The report’s findings reveal that the email stands as one of the channels that best serves the objectives of the companies, given the value that give consumers and the perception of it. Almost a third of users think that the messages that come through this route are relevant, while 3 in 10 believe they are accurate and just over a quarter of them (26%) consider them easy to remember or memorable. Moreover, there are fewer consumers think that a personalized web is as memorable as it is email, but it is true that there is a higher percentage of respondents who say their messages are more accurate and appropriate and relevant to them.

In any case, it is clear that there is almost a gulf between the expectations with messages on certain channels are launched by companies and marketers and actual consumer perception of such messages. The study highlights the need for manufacturers to use multiple tools at their disposal to apply feedback to your customers or extract data from use of these channels and know to be guided in the right direction.

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