Student Accommodation Canterbury – a guide for beginners

This is finally it. You are standing on your own. You’re out of the family home, you’re out of Halls you’ve got your own place, sort off as you’ve had to share the place with some fellow students to share the bills but at the end of the day this is yours, for 2 years. We are talking of the first time you live on you’re on 2 feet. This is meant to be a fun guide to the pitfalls and things that you need to be at least slightly aware of. If you’re stuck and need more help, or even a place to live! Then go here now Serious stuff first.

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  1. Paying bills. You may have got the rent sorted out and think your sorted but there are 2 bills that people usually forget. One is Council tax. Unless a deal is done with your landlord this is your responsibility. You’re going to be using the roads, the bus, the rubbish collection so you can’t get away with it I’m afraid. The council will not be happy if you don’t. The other is a TV licence. Whilst it may seem trivial if there is a TV in the house you’ve got to pay it. Even if you never watch the BBC. Big fine for you if you don’t and get caught.
  2. House insurance or Renters Insurance. Rachel in Friends can’t see the point, but Ross and her Dad do. Their right it’s wise to have it just in case. You may never need it, let’s hope not. There are usually student specific products and deals.

Ok, so that’s stuff you need to do know let’s look at the more immediate issues.

  1. The Fridge. Oh, what a battleground is the fridge. The incandescent rage that you will witness when someone has eaten Gareth’s left over baked beans or drank the last or Moria’s soya milk. There is an answer. Pick a shelf and make it yours. That, you say is your shelf. If it’s on my shelf I am going to use it. End. Of. Do not touch it. Even if it’s mouldy I will get rid of it, eventually. The other thing to use is Post it notes. Label everything.

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  1. Much as is the situation with the fridge there is a chance that this will turn in to another warzone. As with the fridge use the same rules this is my cupboard and get the Post-it notes out again.
  2. Washing up. Pray, like you’ve never prayed before, for a dishwasher. If that doesn’t work and the parents/landlord won’t budge, then you’ll have to do it. Washing up liquid is pretty much the same whatever you get. The question is who does it. Whilst it may seem logical to go with ‘wash your own’ there will soon be arguments about who used what and who should wash it. I had a 3-week argument with my best friend over a plate that he used and said I had. It sat on the side unwashed for 3 weeks. Get a Rota.

Happy living together. Try not to forget your lectures.

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