Dominates the virtual universe with renewed strength

The taste of defeat is bitter, burning inside us and brings out the worst of ourselves. The best ally to kill your enemies and raise yourself with the absolute victory in the virtual universe, overcoming every obstacle, is the care you can provide your own mind and body in the real world.

Eyes watching us in the dark, watching every step we print on our journey. Any cluelessness can shake the foundations of our mission and end the plan we have carefully designed for weeks. We spent hours in front of the television screen during the cold winter nights, with the command console in our hands and bloodshot eyes.

Dominates the virtual universe with renewed strengthWe could not waste a single moment or any unforeseen attack could destroy our life and innocent people who depend on our survival to keep the world safe. All the effort, exhaustion and lack of sleep have been in vain if we do not keep our five senses alert.

Awakens the dormant energy and kill your enemies

Achieving events presented our racing game competition, epic fantasy, war or science fiction genre; it would be bearable if we do not have an elixir that can give us the energy needed to move forward.

The psychological exhaustion that many gamers are subjected after unravel a riddle of the most convoluted and without whose solution could not move to the next phase; or delay in ending the opponent that does not allow you to advance the development of the game to achieve your goals, one can find a solution on the break and the extra energy to our body.

Many times, our mind is carried away by these parallel universes that offer us some of the many game titles market. It is in those moments when the game gets us that we neglect the physical needs of our everyday reality.

We are so absorbed by the loop tests, developments and challenges of the game; you do not pay attention to what really matters: replenish our physical and psychological strength and recover lost sleep.

Only in this way we can keep our senses awake and eliminate any threat or darkness that hangs over us. We only connect to reality from time to time to return to the virtual universe with renewed strength, like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

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What are you doing to recover lost energy after a bloody battle virtual or after escaping the bullets of snipers stationed on rooftops in a post – apocalyptic city?

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