Hitman: The best face of Agent 47 is also a coitus interrupt us

Hitman Agent 47

The developments we have gotten out of hand. The new generation came late and, despite this, it seems not caught anyone prepared for was to come, so we are now faced with huge delays, titles coming without being all polished they should and a new fashion, of games fascicles.

The first big to make the jump open to that possibility has been ‘Hitman’, who after years of rest back now with delivery no lack of ambition, but somewhat chaotic in its approach to what we were used to, with sections of play which they are unlocked over the months. This is, so to speak, the analysis of the first stage.

Hitman Agent 47The return of Agent 47

We are in the second part of which included the beta we could try a few days ago, but while there, we faced a couple of situations that served as a tutorial. A murder on a boat to learn the basic mechanics and a second base military in which opportunities in this first cut is introduced also we find the first mission with face and eyes of the game.

No color between experience in the beta and that “mission end” of course, presenting a huge stage with infinite possibilities and some moments tremendously successful visually. As in the beta, I found faults that made me rethink your purchase, the appearance of the fashion show that will live in this palace blew my mind. Very close to the impact, we had on the day of the new generation.

As we had been warned several times, the great asset of this new release is on those opportunities murder to which we can access if we are attentive to the conversations of some NPC. Manipulate this, it is waiting for a call, do yourself go through a model … new ways with which to perform the task that will put us on a platter the murder after serving a number of requirements.

They serve both as a gateway to neophytes as a challenge rather than join back experienced, but yes, being the exploration and research one of its great strengths, both recommend disabling aid for two hours that you can take to overcome this first part of ‘Hitman’ lengthen a little more.

Much to do, but very similar

That is probably the biggest problem you may face the fan of the series. The lack of continuity when to surpass the three commissions including the prolog and you are left wanting more. This is what usually happens in other episodic titles and here we have the advantage of being able to continue exploiting the game, but never as in the first round.

In this ‘Hitman’, especially with the disabled aids, the feeling to follow your instinct, that first exploration stage and approach your chances to make the order is a true pleasure. But it’s something you experience only the first time, staying in your memory enemy patterns and location of objects or opportunities the next time you come back to finish make challenges and achieve the highest level of expertise.

Yes, you have a thousand things to do and, of course, address them all in the first game is practically impossible (among other things because it will touch end goals in different ways). But the only option you have left after that is closer to the orders you or other players you’ve uploaded to the server, with new objectives and different rules to complete.

Not for impatient

Serve those first two hours end up being a bunch more, of course, but lack that surprise after surprise would offer a full version, jumping from one situation to another completely new constantly and being in the hands of the player’s decision to remain at a level for days to complete 100%.

Not necessarily have to be a problem, of course, simply approach this ‘Hitman’ as a game that has been delayed and will reach full at the end of the year, but if the desire to kill targets with the king of the costumes is irrepressible. Know that what you are going to find is a snack that you will leave with many wanting more. Today do not know if that is good or bad, so I guess it will depend on the patience you have.

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