Precautions to practice Canyoning

The climb through canyons, ravines, riverbeds of rivers and mountain torrents, characteristic of canyoning, poses a great risk to our own well – being, we must not overlook. In the next lines I approached some tips to take precautions when it comes to this sport, usually included in the packages multisport tourism.

Water, the hardware of the river itself, layout and topography or geological materials by running are some of the many different factors that influence when playing adventure sports like canyoning . Without going any further, the liquid element is a biotope with a number of unique characteristics, which play an essential role in the development of this sport. Speed, flow and chemical properties are some of the notes that best define this ecosystem.

Precautions to practice CanyoningAlongside all this, we have to emphasize the erosion and transport processes that generate canyon morphology and / or ravine for which it is possible progression in the development of our activity.

The route we can take in the gorge is very varied, since the land can range from desert to vegetation or stretches with little flow or even practically dry.

Safety measures to practice Canyoning

However, as I mentioned in previous lines, when practicing this adventure sport, the risks that may mean for our welfare, we have to take a number of precautions that we should not overlook:

‘First we must look at what is in the equipment more appropriate. It is true that depending on the terrain for us to go down, the materials will be one or the other. Given the latter, and in general, the equipment at the individual level we have to care must consist of at least a helmet, wetsuit, appropriate shoes with grip waterways, tows or bagas anchor, mechanical blockers, carabiners HMS type or pear, knife, whistle, drum – tight, backpack, neoprene boots and quickdraw.

For the other group members are required other complementary accessories for added security as are two strings of progression of type A or B, shows installation for meeting facilities in rock, house for rope, distress, cordelette for the recovery of ropes, first aid kit, goggles, mobile phone and a lighter, plus rope protectors to prevent chafing. In the case of the ropes, we must ensure that at least one of them is twice the length of the longest rappel is to have over the ravine.

If you do not have much experience in this sport, it is recommended that you not practice alone, besides alert a person close you are going to practice this sport in a given space so you can ask for help if needed.

‘Do not forget to plan at all times the route you intend to take, either by consulting maps or chatting with your fellow travelers. You have to ensure that sport start early so that in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, does not come overnight.

-In Case you do not have any experience in this sport, we recommend that you hire a company specializing in hiking that has a team of highly qualified instructors, who offers advice and professional help you need in this regard.

One of the main risks of the gorge to the natural environment is the degradation of habitats of sandy bottoms and gravel from riverbeds water or the channels. Experts recommend against this type of situations, if the depth of water is low, less than 40-50 cm, it is advisable to walk along the edge trying not remove the riverbed.

What other advice you for practicing adventure sports like canyoning?

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