Facebook and other 20 technologies invest 14 million dollars in the fight against false news

Facebook is still locked in its war against false news . One of his last measures with respect to the subject has been to show a message warning the user that the news he is trying to publish could not be verified.

Today we know a new offensive by the social giant thanks to VentureBeat. Mark Zuckerberg’s company and more than 20 technology companies have joined by investing 14 million dollars to finance a measure known as the News Integrity Initiative.

The money invested will go towards applied research and projects, as well as to organize meetings with experts in the communication industry who can offer a more specific point of view. According to the media, for now CUNY Graduate School of Journalism will be in charge of managing the project.

The problem of false news is very real and Facebook has cost very dearly. Not only has it cost them much of their credibility, but they have also seen how European countries like Germany put a lot of pressure on them to put a stop to it as soon as possible. For now, the news filter that the social giant has developed has started in the Germanic country its journey in Europe.

This renewal of company policies towards false news has led to the need to reformulate the trending topics to try to get less illegitimate news. This means that from now on they will no longer reflect the most shared themes, but a series of topics that are being covered by certain means.

As we proposed in a previous article, Facebook has a lot to learn from science to filter the false news according to two fundamental criteria : on the one hand verify everything that is published (something that already seem to be doing) and on the other hand the falsifiability (to avoid that the news can be reinterpreted).

For now it seems that the social network is trying to do the right thing. We will see how these efforts work in the future.

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