Add Aran Sweaters To Your Wardrobe

Aran Sweaters are among the best-selling clothing lines from this summer. These sweaters have all of the style and comfort of other Aran clothing but are sold at a fraction of the cost. The Aran sweater is a high-fashion style of sweater, which takes its name from an Aran Island off the western coast of Ireland. Typically, a typical Aran sweater is white in color, with long cable designs on the shoulders and sleeves. The modern Aran sweater is very similar to the traditional Aran sweater, but now includes cable knit sleeves and a collar. They really are the perfect gift for a fashion conscious individual and you can take a look at the options available from Shamrock Gift.

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.Aran wool sweaters are famous for being extremely soft and long-lasting. Unlike other natural fibers, the majority of Aran used in Aran sweaters are synthetic, resulting in an incredibly comfortable product.

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Unlike other natural wools, Aran sweaters are woven without any of the old, traditional, knitting techniques. Instead, modern technology, machinery, stitches and designs enable Aran to be woven quickly and more efficiently than even natural world, with less waste and greater durability. Modern, computerized knitting machines make it possible to produce a larger number of stitches per square inch, resulting in highly detailed, densely packed stitches. This results in high quality, perfectly square shaped aran sweaters.

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