Best ways to wear red

If you’re looking to add more colour to your wardrobe, go bold with red. Wearing red makes an impact, and you can be sure people will notice you. It goes with so much you already have in your wardrobe, such as black, white, denim and beige and the Farah Shirts that you bought from . Here’s how you can incorporate it into your outfits

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Wear All Red

That’s right! The current trend is being bold with your colour, so wear your red from top to toe all the way from your top down to your shoes and not forgetting accessories like belts and bags too. You can mix and match different shades of red or stick to just the one tone.

One Red Item

If all over red isn’t up your street, you can choose to wear one item of clothing in this gorgeous colour and accessorise or break it up with other colours.

For example, take a casual jersey red maxi dress and layer it up with a white shirt, white sandals and white bag and you have a fresh and striking summer look perfect for a catch-up with friends. Or pop a grey blazer over the top and team with ankle boots and it makes the perfect winter outfit for work. Or pair your jeans and white trainers with a red top for a classic look.  For mean who want to incorporate the colour red into their wardrobe lok at the colour of your accessories such us your ties and shoes as these are easy ways to add a bit of colour to your outfit.

Red Lip

According to Vogue the French red lip is a must-have for this year, but other shades have also been featured on the catwalk, from orangey reds through to burgundies. Wear your red lip with neutral outfits to give a little flash of colour, or match your lip with your red maxi dress or top for a bolder look.

Red Accessories

If red really isn’t your colour, there are many accessories to choose from to incorporate a hint of it to your look – bags, hair bands, jewellery, shoes, belts. Adding red shoes and a red bag to a white summer dress adds interest, or using a red belt to cinch in your little black dress looks striking. Similarly adding a red tie to a white shirt makes for a striking combination.

The good news is there’s a way to add red to everyone’s wardrobe, and it’s colour that works for every season.

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