Can you really buy shoes online successfully?

The high street is facing a massive crisis. Even before the closing of shops and the lockdown restricted our retail habits, the writing was starting to be seen on the wall for them. A series of body blows have been dealt and Covid must surely be the knock out. With the emergence of cheap clothing lines, the choice and immediacy of style is suddenly right there. The social aspect of going into town with your mates is just recreated via Zoom or in the comfort of your own living room when they can pop round for beer and watch some TV. No smelly bus, no having to park the car, no carrying hordes of bags, no dodging the rain and no bumping into people you really don’t want to meet out and about.

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Whilst we seem to be ok with food, sheds, games and kitchenware, for example there is still some reticences with clothes online. Why? All shops have a decent returns policy and they are easy to deal with. The speed and ease is perfect. Take a look at Louis Boyd, they offer an incredible range of choice. It’s like having a massive department store all contained in the phone, tablet or laptop.

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Take for example the range of exquisite Lyle & scott shoes. How amazing is it that you can have all the choice at just the click and switch of a mouse and then go back to watching Lewis Hamilton battel Max Verstappen or see if Ronaldo can recapture the magic of when he was first at Man U? Online shopping is really great.

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